Disse er bes°kt / These have been visited


Hyundai Seong-Jae Lee, Ph. D. Senior research engineer gasoline engines.
Ki-Ho Yoo, leader vehicle electronic research team, responsible EV & Hybrids.
Daewoo Pyonggwan Park, Ph.D. General Manager New Engine Development team. Engine Development Div. Technical Center.
Jae-Yong Lee, Senior research engineer, EV development team, R&D Dept. Tech senter.
Soo-Chan Park, Senior research engineer, system design team, power train design div. Tech Center.
Ho Nam, Schief Research Engineer, Engineering Cooperation Team. Tech Center.


Nissan Atsunori Mashimoto, Manager powertrain planning dept.
Toyota Hiroyuki Watanabe, director, member of the board. Overseas service div. Overseas parts div. Overseas C&Adiv. Electric & hybrid vehicle engineering div
Yoshio Kimura, Ph. D. Senior staff engineer, electric and hybrid vehicle engineering div. Component and system development center. In charge of Fuel Cell-activities.
Mitsubishi Hikoichi Motoyama. Managing director, Corporate general manager office of technical affairs.
Akira Kijima, deputy corporate manager, engine development, office of pessenger car development & engineering.
Honda Yutaka Ide, Chief Engineer NGV.
Kenji Matsumoto. Chief engineer, chief project leaders office. EV and Fuel Cell.


General Motors GM Advanced Technology Vehicles:
Dick Thompson, Manager.
Steve Bridson, Natural Gas.
Bruce E. Zemke, Staff Division Engineer

GM Powertrain Division:
Donald J. Pozniac, Staff Engineer.
Ford Chuck Risch, technology manager Ford World Headquarters.
Thomas D. Barker, Spesialist Alternativ Fuel Program.
Ron Sims, Priciple Research, at Scientific Research Laboratory. Fuel Cell.
Richard C. Belaire, Manager Engine Dept.
Chrysler Thomas S. Moore, General Manager, Liberty and Technical Affairs, Engineering technologies/Product development.


– CitroŰn/Peugeot
Joseph Beretta, Head of electric vehicle dept. Directorate of research and scientific affairs.
Patrick Blain, Deputy director, research and scientific affairs department.
Renault Gilbert MallÚdant, Manager Alternativ Fuels/Vehicles Dept.


BMW Dr. Andreas Goubeau, Department manager Development Electric Drive.
Dr. Ralf Fr÷chtenicht, Dipl-Phys.Prosject Mananger Research and Development.
Hans-Christian Fickel, Dipl.-ing. Energy Systems Research (Hydrogen)
Klaus Pehr, Dipl.-ing. Energy Systems Research.
Thomas Steffes, Dipl.-Kfm, Manager Corporate Communications Science Research and Politics.
Mercedes-Benz Dr.-ing. Frank Duvinage. Senior manager Diesel engine testing. Advanced engineering Passenger cars.
Roland Kemmler. Senior manager Gasoline engine testing. Advanced engineering Passanger Cars.
Karl Hoehl. Senior Manager Electric Vehicles Passenger Car Advanced Development.